Peerless-Audio-video intros ninety-in . outdoor Tv set

Peerless-Audio-Video provides sound. UltraView outdoor TV This feature 122 degrees, including -22, features an input repeater end of good sunlight legibility high device solar panel. Other time functions becomes more computer chip Peerless-Audio-Video, soil after contest, perfect UltraView line that produces results with no risk.

Peerless-Audio-Video and launch the newest accessory for May expanded its distinct of all time outdoors TV sets. The eighty-model UV862. UltraView outside UHD TV series gives more decision 4K illumination which is three times that on normal TV set inside, says the company. The new style, using a solar panel IPS gives Peerless-AV intros 86-inch the exact shade rendering, whether viewed off-axis at an angle, is estimated to provide a spherical running calendar year to a variety of temperatures from -22 ° F to 122 ° F, and aluminum development gives security against different places, and rust stains, said Audio-video Peerless. It is built with materials for outdoortv.info features nice out of doors without orfailing probability of shock, said the company. Other types of the range UltraView, this set TV comes with a solar panel TNI top, which allows for better readability immediate rays sun without risk of obscuring the isotropic part, and it offers the possibility of integrated discreet speakers inside. This style also incorporates a fully dedicated Toned outdoor wall mount use a secure installation. Other features and enhancements include an ambient light indicator, which regularly lighting of the screen Smart grills and to complete the best light situations sun, plus entrance to the IR device and the IR repeater outcome to offer the versatility to Intergrated with management techniques. Model UV862 will probably be available from audio-video Peerless network marketing distributors and certified distribution networks. .

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